About Us

Thermomechanics of Technological Processes (TTP) is one of the departments of New Technologies Research Centre (NTC), which was established at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen in 2000 to support research and development in the West Bohemian region.

Cooperation with industry

The strategy of the department is to closely cooperate with industry. It starts from our technological equipment that is designed for industrial use and allows a direct applicability of results of our research into production. In the context of marketing activities, we continuously monitor the requirements of Czech industry and put them together with the possibilities of new technologies in the world. Our application laboratories focus on developing of prototypes of new machine parts and new technological procedures to verify that these new technologies can be introduced into production. In our branch, we want to provide our industrial partners and customers a research and educational support for innovation and solving of their production problems.

Research and development

The R&D activities of the department focus on two main areas, which combine physical processes of infrared radiation and its interaction with material. The first are laser material processing technologies, which use powerful lasers for welding, heat treatment, machining, etc. The second area is an industrial thermography and thermometry, a non-contact method using infrared cameras or infra-detectors for measurement of temperature fields in different technologies and machinery.


In 2019, we were certified by the Association of Technical Diagnostics of the Czech Republic as an approved training centre in the field of technician and diagnostician of thermography. Our department trains and educates technicians and diagnostician in thermography to prepare for certification and recertification. We offer independent and professional assistance for graduates and solutions to joint R&D projects.