A brief history

2019 - approved training centre for field of technician diagnostician of thermography

Association of Technical Diagnostics of the Czech Republic (ATD ČR, z.s.) issued a certificate for an approved training centre for technician diagnostician of thermography to the University of West Bohemia, NTC.

2017 - launching a sales thermographic paints LabIR® Paints
2016 - registration the brand LabIR® for thermographic measurement, services and products
2015 - start of the project CENTEM+
2014 - developmnet our software LabIR® LabIR®for thermography measurement and analyses
2013 - technology of Laser Welding of Plastic Parts with infrared cameras for process monitoring, later thermography software LabIR® Control.

2012 - multipurpose device for the development of laser quasi-simulant welding technologies
2011 - start of the project CENTEM - purchase of new equipment
2010 - Solar Panel Tester - Solar panel interoperation testing device
2008 - first technological laser system for hardening
2007 - project FRVŠ no.389/2007 Infrared spectrometry laboratory
2006 - project 2A-1TP1/080 New experimental systems for research thermomechanical instabilities of tribological processes in machines – building up brake stand
2005 - development of a system for very fast temperature measurement of disc brakes, start of cooperation with ŠKODA AUTO technical development team
2004 - heating technology crank shaft in vertical furnaces
2003 - heating technology flange shaft in car-type furnaces
2001 - Thermal box-barrier - temperature measuring device in a continuous step furnace
2001 - purchase of the first thermal imaging camera
2000 - establishment of New Technologies Research Centre at University of West Bohemia, formation of the department from ŠKODA RESEARCH workers and new PhD students

History of research centre NTC

Thermomechanics of Technological Processes (TTP) is one of the departments of New Technologies Research Centre (NTC), which was established at the University of West Bohemia in 2000 to support research and development in the West Bohemian region of the Czech Republic.

The centre was established under the program of support for research and development of the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic entitled "Research Centres" as a centre for applied research - subprogram B under the name LN00B084. At the same time the centre was established by the academic senate as a university institute of the University of West Bohemia. The focus of its work is to support research and development in the West Bohemian region with connections to Czech and international research and development teams. The centre started its operation on July 3, 2000.

Development of the Research Centre can be divided into three phases:

1st phase: 2000-2004
Since the establishment of the centre by the end of 2004, when NTC worked as a great project of Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic. This phase is characterized by intensive development with great importance given to the quality of experimental equipment in the field of diagnostic of materials. A key role was played by the sophisticated computer simulations.
2nd phase: 2005-2010
Since 2005, when NTC ended the project LN00B084 and did not achieve to ensure its continuation. NTC switched to full self-financing, in which co-operation with industry played a key role. NTC began to acquire a number of projects and targeted funding gradually prevailed funding from contract research. Department of TTP progressively began to focus more on the laser technology. Research Centre has gained a significant project of R&D – CENTEM, which has as one of the main themes Laser technologies for processing and analysis of materials.
3rd phase: 2011-2014
In 2011, the project CENTEM was initiated. New staff joined TTP department and new laser labs are under construction. Simultaneously with the construction and expansion of laser technologies, the department maintains its activities in the field of thermomechanics and development of measurement systems for special applications (e.g. solar energy or automotive brake systems).
4. etapa: since 2015
Ongoing term sustainability of the project CENTEM. At the same time the project CENTEM+ starts.