Our active thermography and IR testing workgroup offers cooperation for industrial partners as well as for research and development institutes. We are able to perform initial tests on your samples, measurement procedure verification and research and education support at the problem solving. We offer research and development of active thermography methods and infrared non-destructive testing for special applications in the framework of common projects. The IRNDT measurement can be performed in laboratories or in operational and production premises.

  • Determination of measurement procedure parameters and methods for different applications
  • Prototype components inspection
  • Verification of industrial usability of inspection methods for required applications
  • Preparation of IRNDT inspection system prototypes and their verification
  • Research and educational support
  • Development of new inspection methods and procedures for infrared testing

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IRNDT system configuration for laboratory flash lamp excitation.

Our laboratory is equipped by a modern IRNDT system with these most important parts:

  • High-speed cooled infrared camera for an accurate measurement of temperature and temperature changes. Some of our non-cooled cameras, which are available at our workplace, can be also used for specific applications or based on specific requirements.
  • Software with possibilities of measurement and results evaluation by the Pulsed, Transient (Step) and Lock-In methods. Software modules for some special application are also available, for example solar check module for inspection of solar cells and solar panels.
  • Flash lamps, halogen lamps or ultrasound excitation sources.
  • Possibility of new methods evaluation and integration of other excitation sources to the measurement system - LED light sources or laser light excitation for example.