LabIR® — software for thermographic measurement

The software for thermographic measurement was originally developed for the internal needs of our workplace, e.g. the possibility of connecting infrared cameras produced by different manufacturers, the possibility to develop special functions according to internal needs or according to the needs of our customers. Over time, the list of features has expanded so much that we have merged individual features by application and offered to other customers: basic temperature measurements, automatic control processes in production lines, new technological process development features and active thermography. Individual modules are mutually compatible, software can be used for online and offline thermographic measurement with immediate and additional temperature evaluation.

LabIR® NDT — Software for thermographic testing

LabIR® NDT is a software, which includes all basic functions of a standard LabIR® software, and it additionally contains advanced functions for thermographic recordings evaluation. There are mainly advanced filters (e.g. reference frame or edge detection), functions for infrared nondestructive testing (e.g. pulsed or lock-in thermography), experimental module for fatigue tests or functions for quantitative results comparison using Contrast To Noise Ratio. These function are useful mostly for material inspections and quantitative nondestructive testing, however, they can be used also for advanced evaluation of a standard thermographic measurement.

Main features

  • All basic functions for thermographic measurement and evaluation (e.g. selecting a region, spatial and temporal temperature profiles, etc.)
  • On-line filters for thermographic recordings processing: e.g. hold maximum, reference frame, edge detection etc.
  • Functions for Fourier analysis of thermographic recordings
  • Functions for lock-in analyses of periodical processes
  • Functions for analyses of pulsed processes
  • Transparency and blending of thermograms with a photograph
  • Geometric transformation and conversion of pixels to millimeters for an exact positioning
  • Thermographic analysis of cyclically loaded samples (an interface for inserting notes and for thermal gradient compensation)

Other modules of the LabIR® software

Software for non-contact temperature measurement

Basic funstions for thermal analyses, graphs, with possibility thermographic parameter settings - free download.

Software for thermographic inspection

Functions for automatic quality inspection in production lines, which identifie and locate faults according to the set tolerance.

Software for thermography applications

A list of functions for advanced users of thermographic measurement, suitable for research, development and deployment new technological processes.

Software for connecting thermograms

Solution for measurement of too big or too long objects (pipes, aerial imaging, the results is fully radiometric thermal image.

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