Measuring the temperature field, i.e. object surface temperature, can be done by noncontact measurement devices. Noncontact measurement devices include infrared (IR, thermographic) cameras, pyrometers and infrared detectors. These devices measure the temperature by capturing the infrared radiation that is emitted by every object with temperature higher than the absolute zero (-273.15 °C, 0 K).

Point (local) temperature measurements, measurements inside of objects and in liquids can be done by contact methods. Using thermocouples connected to a data logger is the most widespread method of contact temperature measurement; other possibilities include resistive sensors (RTD), thermistors or semiconductor sensors. Contact measurement devices are based on mutual contact of the sensor with the measured object.

Temperature measurements, whether contact or contactless, belong to the main specialization of our department of Thermodynamics of technological processes (TTP), New technologies – research centre at the University of West Bohemia.

Application areas

Technology of bulk material processing

  • hardening shafts
  • heating the billets in a continuous furnace and rolling
  • vulcanization of tires
  • molding of plastic parts for acoustic insulation

Technology of surface material processing

  • HVOF spraying of wear-resistant coatings
  • measurement of thermal conductivity of coatings
  • hot dip tests of thermal barriers coating

Technology of machining

  • high speed milling of holes
  • machining by pulsed laser

Electrical systems

  • hot air soldering of electronic circuit contacts
  • heating of strain gauges when measuring in a bridge circuit


Laser technologies
  • hardening
  • welding
    • plastics
    • metals
  • marking, engraving
Predictive maintenance/inspection
  • electrical equipment and switchgear
  • mechanical machines
  • pipelines
  • solar panels/cells
  • buildings
Aerial photography
  • veterinary
  • human