Laboratory of temperature field measurement offers laboratory, outdoor and industrial measurements of thermal fields and the associated analyses of optical properties of the measured objects – especially emissivity. Our department developed a specialized device for measuring the temperature and angular dependence of emissivity using an infrared camera. The spectral, angular and temperature dependence of emissivity can be also analyzed using an optical spectrometer.

We offer theoretical and practical training in the field of contact and noncontact temperature measurements.

Development of a measurement system for your application

Our laboratory offers research and development of methods and solutions for temperature field measurements in industrial and specialized applications. We can work on cooperation projects on both laboratory and industrial measurement. We deal with temperature measurements for optimizing industrial production, reducing the costs and increasing the production speed.

Our laboratory offers an online thermographic inspection system for a production line. It includes our own software which inspects every part produced and checks whether it was made with the required parameters. The system allows optimizing the production process settings for maximal efficiency and minimal number of duds. The continuous inspection detects any eventual problems caused e.g. by fluctuating quality of the input parts.

We have experience with development of thermal box-barriers for measuring at high temperatures e.g. in furnaces. Thermal box-barriers allow measuring at temperatures around 1000 °C for several hours. The measurements can be used to optimize the parameters of heat treating, achieve better and more stable results, or save energy when heating the batch.