The meeting of the Czech-Bavarian Project brought new scientific results


On October 24, 2017, a meeting of the International Thermoplastic Composite Structures Project (TheCoS) was held at the New Technologies - Research Center in Pilsen. The German delegation had nine members, including two professors. During the meeting, the results and the plan for further research in the field of production and testing of plastic composites and their joining by means of laser welding with infrared process control were discussed. This project makes a significant contribution to the cross-border interconnection of research centers and the reinforcement of research by complementing competencies. Achieved results of the project will be the basis for the development of new structural elements for space, air, or automobile transport means.

In the field of material research, the development of new devices for the glassy fibers impregnation by thermoplastics and the subsequent winding of the impregnated fiber to form a composite. Measurements of thermal and mechanical properties are also carried out depending on the temperature of the various materials suitable for forming a composite.

In the field of laser welding of plastic composites, the main research activity is focused on monitoring and process control with a pyrometer and an infrared camera. For these purposes, the optical properties of various materials over a wide range of spectrum are also explored and software for thermographic welding monitoring is developed.