We participated in the experiment of controlled blasting of pressure cylinders in high-risk fires

As part of the firefighters and Integrated Rescue System exercises, several controlled fires took place in Jince military area to simulate a fire with high pressure cylinders. The method was tested when cylinders are shot by sniper from a distance. Different units of the Fire Rescue Service, the Police, university and research institutions and other partners attended this experiment. Fires with pressure cylinders, when a spontaneous explosion occurs, endanger the surroundings at a distance of over 100 meters. The impact of people after the explosion of a cylinder can then be fatal. In the case that pressure cylinders is shot from a safe distance, the charge is released in a relatively safe manner. This reduces the duration of fire fighting and increases the safety of firefighters and other people around. Take a look at the close-ups shot by a high-speed camera from the New Technology - Research Centre. The experiment was also recorded in the Czech Television report.