New article:"A novel large-area embroidered temperature sensor based on innovative hybrid resistive threadR"

We are co-authors of the article:: A novel large-area embroidered temperature sensor based on innovative hybrid resistive threadR. Sensors & Actuators: A. Physical, Vol. 265, pp.111-119, 2017.


This study introduces a novel large-area embroidered temperature sensor based on an innovative hybridresistive thread. The hybrid thread is composed of strands containing polyester fibers and one resistivestainless steel microwire. The sensor itself is embroidered as a helical meander-shaped structure into thecarrier fabric and is intended mainly for smart protective clothing used by firefighters or other profession-als to provide them protection against thermal risk, such as heat, fire or burn injury. The capabilities of thehybrid resistive thread are demonstrated through tests on the thread’s resistance to the washing/dryingprocess. The properties of the sensor element are verified through the results of temperature calibrationperformed in the temperature range from 40◦C to 120◦C and the results of measurements performed in athermal shock chamber, where sensor specimens were subjected to rapid temperature cycling betweenthe temperatures of −40◦C and 125◦C. The observations are supported by the results of measuring thelong-term thermal stability of the sensor at an elevated temperature of 125◦C for 1000 h. The hybridresistive thread is shown to have acceptable mechanical resistance to the washing/drying process. Thesensor was observed to have a fast time response to sudden temperature changes. Temperature calibra-tion revealed the linear dependence between the electrical resistance and temperature throughout theevaluated temperature range. The calculated values of the temperature coefficient of resistance and thesensor sensitivity, together with the results obtained from the long-term thermal stability measurement,have also proven the suitability of the sensor for the targeted applications.