Photonics Industry ready to invest up to €100 billion in R&I in new Horizon Europe partnership


A new position paper published shows the photonics industry's commitment to invest up to €100 billion in R&I throughout the next scientific research initiative, Horizon Europe, 2021-2027, in an ambitious new Public Private Partnership with the European Commission.

The move is essential for the digital transformation based on deep technologies, and for Europe to remain competitive in the face of ambitious funding for photonics from China, South Korea and America.

“Photonics is a truly European success story,” said Photonics21 Vice President Bernd Schulte. “the 5000 Photonics SMEs in Europe are highly competitive and have created and will create high-tech jobs every day. However, we experience an increasingly fierce - often state backed - competition from outside Europe.”

Photonics21 will ask the European Commission to facilitate a Horizon Europe Photonics Partnership that doubles the annual commitment to €200 million, or €1.4 billion over the course of the next research funding initiative.

The mission of the European Technology Platform Photonics21 is coordinated strategic planning, coordination and facilitation of research and industrial activities in the field of photonics

Since 2017, Jiří Martan, as a representative of UWB, has been a member of the Board of Stakeholders (BoS) of the European Technology Platform Photonics21, the main decision-making body of this platform. NTC is actively participating on the platform activities since 2012.

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