Scientific article about emissivity was published in an impacted journal.

Veselý Z., Honnerová P., Martan J., Honner M. Sensitivity analysis of high temperature spectral emissivity measurement method. Infrared Physics and Technology 71, 2015, pp. 217-221, doi:10.1016/j.infrared.2015.04.005


Computer model of temperature distribution in the sample in high temperature spectral emissivity measurement method is introduced. Sensitivity analysis is performed using computer model to determine the effect of various measurement method parameters on the sample temperatures. The effects of measured and reference coating thicknesses, measured coating emissivity and sample surface temperature are analyzed. The utilization of temperature difference between reference coating surface and the interface of reference and measured coatings for total emissivity uncertainty of measured coating is demonstrated.


High temperature laser testing, measurement of spectral emissivity, coatings, sensitivity analysis