We introduced a new infared camera LabIR and the project Thermography for Schools at the meeting of certificated persons for thermographic diagnostic (Termoden 2019)

We co-organized a workshop Termoden 2019, the meeting of certificated persons for thermographic diagnostic, in October 7, in Zaječí, Czechia. The workshop took place in terms of Technical Diagnostics Association (ATD) and we organized it as an new official Approved Training Center (SŠP) for thermographic diagnostics together with SŠP VŠB TU-Ostrava. Contributions regarding news in thermography were presented, we introduced our new Approved Training Center and we also introduced our project Thermography to Schools termovize.zcu.cz (the web is in Czech language), which part is a development of our own LabIR thermographic camera.

Video from the meeting : Workshop - meeting Termoden 2019 and presenting of LabIR thermographic camera