Paper of our researchers selected as the JTST Volume 28 Best Paper Honorable Mention


Our researchers are among the authors of the paper “The Role of Laser Texturing in Improving the Adhesion of Plasma Sprayed Tungsten Coatings” which has been selected as the Journal of Thermal Spray Technology (JTST) Volume 28 Best Paper Honorable Mention: Dr. Matějíček, Ms. Vilémová, Dr. Mušálek, Mr. Krofta, Mr. Janata, Mr. Kutílek, Mr. Klečka, Mr. Moskal, Dr. Martan, Mrs. Houdková, Dr. Heuer, Dr. Dorow-Gerspach, and Mr. Nardozza.

Their work was selected by a panel of 36 international thermal spray scientists, who commented for instance that “This is a very complete work. Conclusions are sound, due to a detailed analysis of adhesion/cohesion strength and of the associated failure mechanisms. They can be of great use not only for the specific application examined in this work, but for thermal spray technology in general. The indications contained in this work can really help selecting proper conditions in order to prepare surfaces by the former process.”

This wonderful accomplishment will be formally acknowledged during an upcoming Thermal Spray event.

Congratulations to the authors!

The article is available here.