Cooperation with Techmania Science Center in medical thermodiagnostics


In connection with antiepidemic measures, infrared cameras are being installed at the entrances to various buildings, schools, offices and other facilities. However, it turns out that the success of detecting a person with a fever is not very high in cold weather. We come up with unique solutions to ensure that the IR camera method of temperature measuring is reliable in all weather conditions.

For this year's anniversary of Techmania, we are starting close cooperation between the University of West Bohemia, Pilsen and TSC in the field of medical thermodiagnostics. When the situation is more convenient and Techmania is open to the public again, come and play with IR cameras and find out what affects your body temperature.

This will help us get the data to develop more reliable solutions. Thanks to Luboš Limberg from Technology Transfer, UWB for the video!