Our researchers' article is among the Micromachines Journal Hot Papers


Our researchers' Jiří Martan, Denys Moskal, Ladislav Smeták and Milan Honner paper „Performance and Accuracy of the Shifted Laser Surface Texturing Method“ became one of the Micromachines Journal Hot Papers since it was published.

Our researchers introduced in the article their innovative shifted laser surface texturing method (LST) for manufacturing micro- and nano-structures on various surfaces using ultrafast lasers.

In the article, they compare the shifted method to classic methods of creation of functional surfaces using a practical texturing example, with a focus on delivering the highest processing speed.

LST enables the creation of highly functional surfaces with excellent properties in many applications (tribological, optical, antibacterial, wettability). It has also the potential to improve adhesion of coatings, extend the service life, reduce dust pollution and material consumption.

This clean, flexible and reproducible method for substrate preparation for coatings has a great potential for application in space, aircraft, medical or power industries.

You can read the full text here.

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