LabIR: versatile software for thermographic measuring and evaluation


LabIR: univerzální software pro termografické měření a vyhodnocení

LabIR is a versatile software for thermographic measuring and evaluation. It is compatible with infrared cameras from many manufacturers and it offers several unique functions such as emissivity calculations, difference analyses of temperature changes, detailed temperature monitoring, and infrared non-destructive testing. LabIR is a powerful tool for research, development, implementation and fine-tuning of new technologies, and also for optimization of established production processes. The software is ready to be integrated into an industrial assembly line for production and quality control.

Customer benefits

  • supports thermographic cameras from various manufacturers (FLIR, Optris, Micro-Epsilon, LumaSense)
  • fundamental functions
    • setting thermographic parameters
    • analysing temperatures in the thermogram
    • plotting graphs, temperature trend, line temperature profile
    • recording (compatible with FLIR SEQ)
    • exporting thermograms and temperature data
  • special functions
    • Hold Max function
    • 3D temperature profile of a line over time
    • advanced emissivity calculations
    • functions for advanced temperature monitoring
    • functions for IRNDT (infrared non-destructive testing) evaluation
  • possibility to adapt the software according to customer needs

Contact person

Jiří Skála
Ing. Jiří Skála, Ph.D.
Phone: +420 377 634 804