Infrared camera monitoring of laser welding of plastics


Termografická kontrola laserového svařování plastů

Quality criteria are often defined for industrial welding of plastic parts – the weld must be strong enough and waterproof. It is difficult to measure these properties by non-destructive means and so also check every piece. The production is influenced by changing environmental conditions, material properties, or by machine tolerances. It is possible to perform 100% quality check of welded plastic parts by an infrared camera and dedicated software. The temperature of the part after the laser welding process indicates the quality of the weld and welding process well-functioning. Knowledge of the weld temperature is also valuable when introducing a new welding process and fine-tuning the welding parameters

Our experts have a wide range of experience with laser welding of plastics. We developed our own software LabIR Control for infrared camera monitoring, which is directly suited for quality control in a production line or in a research laboratory. The temperature is checked at every pixel along the whole weld. This allows accurate localisation of eventual defects and determining their severity. The results are displayed both in a thermal image, to indicate the location of the defect, and in a temperature graph, to show how large is the deviation from the correct value. Typically, every welded part is checked. The results can be stored for later analysis. That makes it possible to discover problems coming, e.g., from fluctuating quality of raw materials. The software reacts to signals from the production line and sends results of quality check for every piece.

Customer benefits

  • detailed temperature monitoring along the weld
  • accurate localisation of defects and quantification of errors – results displayed both in a thermal image and in a temperature graph
  • flexible tolerance settings
  • suitable for fine-tuning the parameters of a newly introduced welding process as well as for routine monitoring of every part
  • system is ready for integration into a production line
  • monitoring results of every welded part can be stored for later analysis


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