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Thermographic spray paint is a professional tool for accurate non-contact temperature measurement. In the case of an unknown surface emissivity or a high reflectance surface, infrared camera measurement is inaccurate or almost impossible. Typical example of problematic measurement of material surface temperature are polished metals. Specially designed thermographic paints with precisely defined emissivity depending on the wavelengths, on the angle of measurement and other properties can be the key for precise measurements. The best measurements results can be achieved for high emissivity surfaces, that are insured by thermographic paints with homogeneous layer and precisely defined emissivity. Each of the paint is designed for a specific application, low temperature (up to 100 °C), high temperature (up to 1 000 °C), washable (up to 100 °C with subsequent removal of the paint), and has a well-defined instruction for use that provides the best measurement properties.


  • The possibility of accurate thermographic measurement on surfaces with unknown emissivity or on surfaces with high reflectivity
  • Different types of thermographic paints can withstand both standard and demanding conditions: paints up to 100 °C, up to 1 000 ° C, and washable paint for temporary application
  • The detailed knowledge of paints emissivity based on scientific measurements are crucial for precise measurements

REFERENCES - patents

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