System for Rapid Measurement of Temperature Instabilities


System for Rapid Measurement of Temperature Instabilities

The measuring system allows rapid measurement of temperature fields in difficult-to-reach areas characterized by limited direct visibility or minimal space for measuring sensors, such as brake discs on cars (measured from both sides simultaneously). The measuring sensors are equipped with a thermal barrier and active cooling, so it is possible to measure objects with temperatures up to several hundred degrees Celsius from a distance of several millimeters. For rotating objects, the basic evaluation of acquired data, including temporal vizualizations of the temperature field, is executed by the software developed at UWB. The measuring system can be extended by measuring other variables (pressure, vibration, contact temperature) to obtain data for a comprehensive analysis of the behavior of the measured object.

Customer benefits

  • Fast recording of temperature field development
  • Minimum space necessary for installation (range of centimeters)
  • The ability to measure at a distance of several millimeters from the subject being measured
  • Suitable especially for rotating parts (e.g. brake discs, brake drums, clutches)
  • Significantly less data compared to fast thermal imaging cameras
  • Sampling frequencies in kHz, also for measurement time in a range of hours
  • Automated processing of measured data


ŠKODA Auto a.s., Czech Republic

Contact person

Vladislav Lang
Ing. Vladislav Lang, Ph.D.
Phone: +420 377 634 717