Spectral emissivity measurement system for investigation of coatings at high temperatures


Spectral emissivity measurement system for investigation of coatings at high temperatures

The method enables measurement of temperature dependence of spectral emissivity of coatings up to 1000°C. The method uses a top laboratory equipment of minimally European importance. The device consists of an FTIR spectrometer, high temperature blackbody, infrared camera, high power laser and various optomechanical components. The measured sample is placed in the thermal insulation on a positioning mechanism. The biggest innovations in this device are methods of sample heating and sample surface temperature measurement. Heating of the sample is secured by the laser and it is much faster than other heating methods. The desired sample temperature in the range from 300 to 1000°C is reached by the laser power control. Surface temperature of the sample is measured without contact using the infrared camera and a reference coating (LabIR paint) applied to a part of the analyzed coating. Such an arrangement allows accurate measurement of emissivity of coatings with high thickness and low thermal conductivity. The spectral dependence of the emissivity of coatings is measured by the FTIR spectrometer against a black body placed on the opposite side of the measured sample. Choice between the sample and the black body radiation signal is made by rotating parabolic mirror. More information

Customer benefits

  • Allows to analyze the basic variable of emissivity from which other emissivity quantities can be calculated
  • Serves as an input parameter for computer modelling of radiation heat transfer
  • Economic benefits resulting from the knowledge of spectral and high temperature of the material


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Integrated Global Services, USA

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Technip Benelux B.V., The Netherlands

Ghent University, Belgium

BG SYS HT s.r.o., Czech Republic

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